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Learn about the latest developments on Automotive Recycling

Konferenz zum Thema Automotive Recycling, die Konferenz wird auf Englisch abgehalten.

The drivers to improve automotive recycling and work on new business models as well as new separation technologies are manifold. One of these is the European Commission’s ELV directive according to which 85% of each vehicle has to be reusable and recyclable by the end of 2015. The good news for the automotive industry is that this rate is quantity oriented. The bad news is that new developments such as the usage of new alloys and composites and the move towards e-mobility make new efforts for intelligent automotive recycling in any case indispensable.

IQPC’s is dedicating its first conference on automotive recycling. The aim is to bring together all stakeholders of automotive recycling to discuss and understand how new technologies can improve but also challenge car recycling goals and what the next steps and efforts are to overcome these challenges. Auto Recycling, of course, comes at the end of a vehicle’s life but in some respect it must influence the beginning, too. We need to design for auto recycling.

Join our international conference on Advanced Automotive Recycling and hear about:

  • Understand how to close the loop for (potentially) scare metals in order to secure future car production
  • Discuss how to cope with the increasing complexity and material mix of modern vehicles to ensure good recovery rates
  • Explore the limits of traditional recycling technologies and principal requirements for improvements
  • Learn why we need new business models for automotive recycling to maximise the value of return
  • Identify the implications of the transition to e-mobility and discuss intelligent e-motor and battery recycling strategies

Read the full conference programme here!

With contributions from the following companies and institutes:

  • Daimler AG, Germany
  • BMW AG, Germany
  • Umicore AG & Co. KG, Germany
  • Outotec Oyj, Finland
  • Siemens AG, Germany
  • Rockwood Lithium, Germany
  • PYReco Limited, UK
  • Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Science, Germany
  • University of Bremen, Germany
  • Nissan Technical Centre Europe Ltd., UK
  • Adam Opel AG, Germany
  • Öko-Institut e.V., Germany
  • ARN, The Netherlands

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